Whether the project you are interested in is at a smaller or a larger scale, we're here to help with a wide range of services. We plan, design, construct, upgrade, expand, update and optimize infrastructure and facilities, taking thereby the project from concept to reality, from the initial stage to functionality.
As our customers expect and deserve reliable solutions to each project they initiate, regardless of complexity, our goal is to achieve and even surpass the customer's expectations by offering practical and innovative services.

A succesful planner carries out projects that highlight the architecture of the building, while optimizing energy consumption. Excellence in electrical installation work requires creativity, efficiency and attention to detail. These are the qualities that you will find in our company if you decide to work with us.

Electric wiring

We understand the importance of electrical installations, so our team of engineers and specialists apply a unique approach to each project individually, in order to provide solutions that meet the customer's needs, having one simple motto: ingenuity. We create reliable installations that convert any space into a friendly and functional one at the same time.

Switchboards execution

Switchboards are a vital component in any project, but especially in the wide ones. We are a respected name in this field due to high quality electrical panels provided with the help of our partners, but especially because of the execution that will make you the owner of a safe and reliable electrical installation

Burglar systems

Times have changed. We see acts of vandalism or theft going on increasingly all around us, so we must be aware of the risks we are exposed to and try to reduce them to a minimum. How many security measures are needed? How much to spend for our security? What is the best security system for us? These are questions you will find answers to with our specialists in the field.

Video surveillance systems

It is more important to prevent than to repair the damage. Our surveillance systems will help you to acknowledge threats and vulnerabilities you have. We can assist you in developing strategies to reduce these vulnerabilities with our customized surveillance systems, that will help you to be prepared for the future or to find an answer for some unpleasant situations.

Fire detection systems

Our personal and property protection are the key elements in this area. Fire can cause major damage if it is not detected at an early stage, when it emits smoke and heat, but the fire is not yet started. Our systems are ideal for those of you who have valuables or large spaces constantly unsupervised, where early warning in case of fire is essential.

Access control and time attendance

Are you looking for a solution for access control? Want to buy a flexible system that covers your current needs, but can accommodate to a possible increase in the number of personnel in the future? All of these things are possible if you choose ElectrocenterDUE.

Voice, data and image networks

VDI networks are probably the only thing common to all companies, being a necessity nowadays. The difference between them is still highlighted by three elements: safety, speed and functionality. Fortunately, we'll deal with it by installing versatile, powerful and effective networks.

Intercom and video intercom systems

They are present in our lives at every turn: in our house, block scale, at work, or in public institutions. Who can install them for you? Anyone. But we make the difference, with 13 years of experience in the back and a specialized team of intervention, very prompt in case of failures.

Special works: BMS

As we progress towards more complex, more powerful constructions, with a more efficient consumption of electricity, it is clear that we need these building management systems. The volume of data to be stored is growing by the minute, fact that brings a greater need for energy, but also for closer supervision. How do we resolve these issues? By providing these management systems that only a few Romanian companies can carry out. We pride ourselves that we are part of this category.

Industrial automation

Over time, the most important concepts in industrial production were cost and quality. But now our customers want more: the reliability and availability of equipment, the flexibility in producing a wide range of products without major changes over time, in short: maximum efficiency and minimum waste. At ElectrocenterDUE we cherish these ideas and together with our partners we are ready to advise you and offer you the solutions you need to streamline your production.

Energy domain consulting

Many of us have a vision, but cannot find the solution. Due to our experience in the field, we understand what's important for the customers, and our team of dedicated experts and specialists can provide you the solution. ElectrocenterDUE does not believe in standard solutions for different kinds of industry. We know that custom solutions will bring a competitive advantage for you and significant cost reduction. So, whether you are a small or a large company, we are looking forward to turn your vision into reality.