ISO 9001

What is ISO 9001?

- it is the international reference standard for quality management systems, the choice for more than 500,000 organizations in 159 countries

Benefits of ISO 9001

- ensures the improvement of product quality, processes and services

- Increases customers' satisfaction

- provides clear evidence of our commitment to quality.

ISO 14001:2005

What is ISO 14001?

- it is the international standard that achieves environmental management issues, helping companies to control environmental impacts and continuously improve performance in this area

Benefits of ISO 14001

- reduces waste management costs

- reduces consumption of energy and materials

- proves that we care about what happens around us

OHSAS 18001:2008

What is OHSAS 18001:2008?

- it is the international standard that maintains a system of health and occupational safety management

Benefits of OHSAS 18001:2008

- promotes a safe and healthy working environment for employees

- reduces the risk of accidents

- overall increases levels of performance

ANRE certificate no. 7363

What's certificate no. 7363?

- it is an attestation of competence in the field of design and execution of electrical installations for residential and industrial interior, overhead and underground connecting pipes, at a rated average voltage of 0.4 kV

Benefits of certificate no. 7363

- execution and checking of earth outlets

- automation and electric drives

- service and maintenance on electrical systems

- check wiring

ANRE certificate no. 7923

What's certificate no. 7923?

- it is an attestation of competence in the execution of power lines, overhead or underground, with rated voltages ranging from 0.4 kV to 20 kV and transformer stations with rated highest voltage up to 20 kV.

License granted by GIRP

What is this license?

- the authorization granted by the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police to carry out the activities of design, installation, modification or maintenance of components or systems against intrusion alarm.

License granted by GIES

What is this license?

- the authorization granted by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations for carrying out works of installation and maintenance of signaling systems and installations, alarm and warning in case of fire.